Triada Druk is an offset printing house, a family business established by two brothers, Marek and Ryszard Śląski, in 1994. Since the very beginning the company has been operating, and growing, in the printing market, offering services in the most demanding fields: for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic clients. Since its early beginnings, the printing house has worked with large, renowned European manufacturers and has enjoyed a stable position for many years, never sparing time and effort to further improve its products. The company’s key advantages:


    20 years of experience in printing means that we have gone through all stages of development and witnessed how technology has developed. We have tried the latest and best technologies available in the global market and we have chosen only the most reliable and trusted ones.


    Top quality is our top argument in our efforts to win clients. We go the extra mile to make sure only products of the highest quality are allowed to leave our facility. This approach and the application of ISO 12647-2 standard is appreciated by the most discerning corporate clients from Europe.


    The struggle for perfection is the foundation of our relations with both regular and prospective clients. We spare no efforts in making sure that all contacts with us leave you, as a client, satisfied and convinced that you have just received top quality service.



Litera a szeryfowa

offset printing house

We make offset prints on sheets up to 700×500 mm (B2), with CTP imaging technology.


print refinement

The printed materials are transferred to our binding workshop, where they are further processed and undergo die cutting, folding, creasing…


studio DTP

Our products can be created following your designs and preferences, and also based on our ideas. We will be happy to assist you with our extensive know-how.


our specialization

For 30 years we have been focusing on printing a wide variety of labels, booklets and packaging, depending on their purpose and level of refinement.

We print according to ISO 12647-2 standard in the highest quality classes A and B (PSD certification by Fogra, a German graphic technology research association). In order to maintain the highest quality of our products we print on half format Heidelberg machines adapted for printing on specialized products:

Heidelberg SM74 (six colors) – CMYK + 2 colors,
Heidelberg CD74 (six colors) – CMYK + 2 colors + dispersive varnish.
We also employ cutting edge Heidelberg’s Image Control tools that allow us to continually monitor the production process and that guarantee constant, high quality of all our products. We print on paper sheets weighing from 50 to 550 g per sq m, of various texture, such as:

  • label paper,
  • chalk overlay paper,
  • metallized paper,
  • chromolux paper,
  • dry embossed paper,
  • synthetic paper,
  • solid board,
  • self-adhesive paper.

Our technologically advanced equipment allows us to apply a wide range of methods to process and enrich the prints. Over a dozen machines by Polar, Heidelberg, Iberica and Stahl are used to process the products. The print can be enriched in various ways to boost our products and show their exceptional workmanship and aesthetics:

  • perforation,
  • dry embossing,
  • folding,
  • folding and gluing,
  • UV coating,
  • dispersion coating,
  • hot stamping – application of gold, silver, etc.
Our seasoned graphic designers can design for you virtually everything. The basis of our work is DTP – computer assisted preparation of print images in digital form and printing plates. The printing plates are made on a cutting edge CTP Kodak ACHIEVE Platesetter. The plate’s image is transferred directly from the PC, which guarantees high precision of the image, as well as stability and repeatability of the process of making plates. Moreover, the technology requires no harmful chemical agents and contributes to preserving the natural environment.

We focus on making specialized and enriched printing products for promoting food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods; our products can also be used for advertising other commodities, like alcoholic beverages, chemical agents, gardening supplies, interior decoration accessories, toys, etc. Thanks to our streamlined production process we can offer short lead times that the design process, printing and shipping to clients.


  • paper,
  • self-adhesive sheets,
  • synthetic paper,
  • die cut (formed),
  • perforated,
  • UV coated, starting from 80 g / sq m,
  • dispersion coated,
  • hot stamped.


  • glued,
  • sewn,
  • concertinaed,
  • from 50 to 150 g/ sq m
  • die cut (formed),
  • perforated.


  • made from solid board up to 550 g / sq m,
  • dry embossed,
  • UV coated,
  • dispersion coated,
  • hot stamped,
  • film coated.



Logo Hochland

Dear Madams and Sirs!
We would like to recommend TRIADA DRUK printing house in Janikowo as a trusted, reliable and professional partner. We have been working with TRIADA DRUK for 12 years and have come to know the printing house only for their best qualities. They have proven to be reliable partners, always delivering quality goods on time. We also appreciate the printing house’s drive for innovations and their assistance in solving technological problems. We highly value their flexibility and excellent customer service expressed in trustworthiness and quick reaction to our needs. The history of our cooperation with TRIADA DRUK justifies recommending the printing house as a trusted business partner.

Tomasz Łuczak
Purchasing Specialist

Logo Kruszwica

Zakłady Tłuszczowe „Kruszwica” Spółka Akcyjna w Kruszwicy są wiodącym producentem olejów jadalnych i margaryn w Polsce. Silna pozycja rynkowa Spółki, oraz jej solidne wyniki finansowe są rezultatem wysokiej jakości produktów i wsparcia udzielonego przez właściciela Bunge S.A, który oprócz kwot pieniężnych przeznaczonych na inwestycje, gruntowną przebudowę i modernizację podstawowych działów produkcyjnych, wniósł do Spółki swoje wieloletnie doświadczenie z rynków międzynarodowych. Rok 2008 zostanie wykorzystany przez ZT „Kruszwica” S.A do dalszego wzmocnienia pozycji lidera rynku. Tak wysoka pozycja Spółki na rynku nie byłaby możliwa, bez naszych Dostawców. Proces wyboru dostawców nie jest przypadkowy, lecz jest objęty systemem zapewnienia jakości i odbywa się zgodnie z normą ISO 9001. System ten zapewnia wybór w drodze przetargów najlepszych ze znajdujących się na rynku zaopatrzeniowym dostawców. Analizie poddawane są min. takie elementy jak: cena, czas realizacji dostawy, warunki płatności, referencje jakości, posiadany potencjał produkcyjny, posiadane certyfikaty jakości, itp. Każdy nasz dostawca jest okresowo oceniany i audytowany. Jednym z takich dostawców jest firma „Triada-Druk” posiadająca swoją siedzibę w Janikowie k/Poznania przy ul. Szybowcowej 11, producent etykiet i druków. Z firmą tą współpracujemy od kilku lat i w naszej ocenie współpraca w tym okresie była bardzo dobra. Dostawy były zawsze w terminie, zgodnie z ustalonymi parametrami jakości. Godne podkreślenia są elastyczność i szybkość realizacji na zmieniające się nasze potrzeby oraz pomoc w tworzenie nowych opakowań.

Piotr Niklas
Krajowy Koordynator Zaopatrzenia Produkcyjnego

Logo Sertop

We have been cooperating with TRIADA DRUK, the supplier of labels and packaging, for several years. We can always rely on high quality of the ordered goods and support in solving technological issues. We also appreciate the possibility of using innovative solutions proposed by the printing house. TRIADA is a trustworthy and reliable partner, always ready to show flexibility and to adjust to the quickly changing needs of our company. Last but not least, customer service is efficient and reliable as well. All this makes us true partners in business and we are fully convinced TRIADA is always there to support us. TRIADA DRUK is certainly a solid, trustworthy supplier of labels and packaging.

Damian Groborz
Purchasing Specialist


Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015


We are a company certified by BSI (British Standard Institution) Group – the oldest standardization institution in the world (since 1901), operating under the “Royal Charter”, one of the founders and members of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The implementation of the Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard is a way for us to manage the organization. We operate in accordance with the principles of the implemented standard. This provides us with long-term cooperation with customers on a partnership basis, by providing products that meet their requirements.

Certyfikat FSC


Aiming at constant development and care for the natural environment, in November 2015, We have become a company certified in the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), the international certification system for forest management and wood products. The certificate confirms that the materials and products which we sell come from FSC®-certified forests as well as recycled materials and other controlled sources.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a not-for-profit global organization, dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. FSC® defines standards based on established principles of responsible management of forests with the support of environmental, social and economic stakeholders.
For more information, please visit www.fsc.org.

Certyfikat Firma Przyjazna Naturze


The Auraeko Baterpak Certificate of Packaging Recovery Organization SA confirms that the TRIADA DRUK printing house participates in the program of ecological responsibility of enterprises.



Triada Druk